About Wilding Pine Network

The Wilding Pine Network is an advocacy and advisory group comprised of organisations and individuals involved in wilding conifer/ wilding pine management and research.

We are an Incorporated Society aiming to raise awareness of the wilding conifer issue, advocate for funding for wilding conifer control, and provide nation-wide coordination of and advice to community groups involved in wilding conifer management. The current chair of the Network is Richard Bowman, and the coordinator is Jo Ritchie.

How does the WPN fit in the wilding conifer management space?

The Wilding Pine Network advises the National Wilding Conifer Control Programme, led by Biosecurity New Zealand/ MPI, on good practice and engagement with communities. We additionally provide advice to community groups, trusts, and iwi, including on funding opportunities and latest science. However, we do not fund wilding management ourselves.

How is the WPN governed?

The WPN is directed by a Management Committee comprised of representatives from our stakeholder organisations. There are currently seven voting members on the Management Committee: two from community groups, two from regional councils, one from an NGO, one from the forestry industry, and one from the farming industry. For more information about the WPN’s structure and governance, please see our Rules.

Wakatipu Wilding Conifer Control Group

Interested in joining us?

Our mailing list is free and open to anyone. Email Jo Ritchie at jo@wildingpinenetwork.org.nz to be added to our mailing list.

Members of the WPN are any organisations who are interested in wilding conifers. Member organisations pay an annual subscription fee which is used to support the coordinator’s services and subsidise the annual Wilding Pines Conference. For information about how to join, please email Jo at jo@wildingpinenetwork.org.nz