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Supporting the management of wilding conifer infestations in New Zealand via advocacy, advice and action.

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Wilding Pine Network

The Wilding Pine Network is an Incorporated Society aiming to raise awareness of the wilding conifer issue, advocate for funding for wilding conifer control, and provide nation-wide coordination of and advice to community groups involved in active wilding conifer management.

Whakatipu WCG

Community Groups

Our community groups play an important part of wilding conifer control. These groups often organise volunteer days, and welcome your help. Being part of a group can be fun and rewarding. You don’t need any special knowledge, skills or tools, just an average level of fitness.

Webinar & Resources

The Wilding Pine Network facilitates information sharing through webinars, newsletters, reports, and workshops. Our Resources page has links to our webinars and publications, as well as details about latest research findings.

Let’s finish the job

A call to action to address the funding gap for one of Aotearoa’s most damaging biosecurity issues.

The recent Government decision to cut funding to the National Wilding Conifer Control Programme by 75% (from $25m to $10m/annum) is effectively a death sentence for effective and sustainable wilding pine management in New Zealand.

Join our campaign to advocate for increased funding to the Wilding Conifer Control Programme and Let’s finish the job…

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News / Blog

Silky Saw partnership – a discount for a key tool

Hand saws are a key weapon of choice for many on the front line of wilding control. Now thanks to a partnership with Silky Saws https://silkystore.co.nz/ you can purchase your tools of choice at…

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Finding solutions to big challenges… a great example from Central Otago

Shelterbelts are an essential tool in exposed landscapes to protect property, get a garden or crops to grow as well as protect stock. Conifers in the form of pines, firs and cedars were found…

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The plight of the MacKenzie

The MacKenzie basin in Canterbury is the largest and least modified intermontane basin in New Zealand but it’s under siege from wilding pines. Endless and vast landscapes endure the relentless march of wildings. They…

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