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Musing on the future of wilding control with Federated Farmers

Date: 4th August 2023

Check out a great podcast on FEDSNEWS. https://fed-talks.simplecast.com/episodes/musing-on-the-future-of-wilding-control

In January 2023 FEDSNEWS reported that the future of wilding pine control was uncertain – with funds signaled to reduce to a $10m annual baseline.

On Tues August 1st FEDTalks spoke with WPN Chair Richard Bowman about how NZInc. could best continue the effort, given the lion’s share of funding is budgeted to leave the tent. Richard is also joined by Feds Board member Toby Williams and Feds General Manager Policy and Advocacy Paul Melville.

It’s well worth listening too so tune in and send the link around to other interested people. We need to get the message out that we need to finish the job – not stop when it’s half done. Make it an election issue.

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