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Silky Saw partnership – a discount for a key tool

Date: 23rd April 2024

Hand saws are a key weapon of choice for many on the front line of wilding control. Now thanks to a partnership with Silky Saws https://silkystore.co.nz/ you can purchase your tools of choice at a discount price.

The Silky Saws online store is packed full of high-quality tools for manual field work. Loppers, folding saws, spare blades, belts and sheaths to name but a few. Visit www.silkysaws.co.nz and simply enter the code WILDPINE10 during checkout to automatically receive a 10% discount off your purchase.

The team at Silky recommend the Silky Super Accel (pictured below) – a popular choice for wilding work. It’s a 210mm length folding saw that is only 200g in weight, so it’s very easy to carry around and use all day.

We are extremely grateful to Silky for this great offer so please take advantage of this deal – support Silky Saws and support the wilding programme.  Great for community groups hosting volunteer days, or contractors and landowners looking to upgrade their toolkit or simply relace worn out gear.

It’s always good to get photos in the field with the saw being used – please take them so we can show Silky how much we appreciate their support. Send photos to jo@wildingpinenetwork.org.nz.

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