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Vive la resistance – the science of managing wilding conifer reinvasion.

Date: 23rd May 2023

Yep, great job done -all those seed trees and their offspring removed but under the ground lies viable seed and/or over the hill are big trees with seed and prevailing winds that send those seeds into treated areas leading to reinvasion. Insidious, constant and pretty challenging to stop.

For the National Wilding Conifer Control Programme (NWCCP) to be successful effective strategies to create long-term resistance to re-invasion on treated land are essential. This is the role of the five-year (2021-2026) MBIE Endeavour Funded research programme: ‘Vive la résistance (VLR) has the ambitious goal of stopping wilding re-invasion! Achieving long-term success in managing wilding conifer invasions.

Pinus pinaster seedlings at Wainuiototo/New Chums Coromandel

Re-invasion processes differ significantly from those of initial invasion and a critical international knowledge gap exists on which major factors interact to drive conifer re-invasion. Building on the recent MBIE Endeavour Programme “Winning against Wildings” (2016-2021), “Vive la résistance” aims to disentangle the multiple drivers of re-invasion to overcome this gap and address the devastating problem of wilding conifer reinvasion.

Below is a summary of how the program works – an upcoming story will be on some of the work being undertaken.

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