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Wilding conifer quick guide

Date: 9th May 2023

The National Wilding Conifer Control Programme have just released an updated id guide.

You can download it here https://www.wildingpines.nz/spread-the-word/image-gallery/species-gallery/

There are approximately ten introduced conifer species that are responsible for most wilding conifers in New Zealand. The most invasive species, the Lodgepole (contorta) pine, is an unwanted organism under the Biosecurity Act 1993, meaning they cannot be bred, propagated, planted, distributed or sold.

The most spread prone wilding pine species can be found in our Wilding Conifer Quick ID guide. You can view and download a printer friendly version of the guide using the settings below.

Downloading the new guide published in April this year will give you better quality when printing. To print as an A5 booklet, make sure your printer is set to print as “booklet” otherwise each page of the guide will print on a single A4 page.

Thanks, MPI for a great little tool.

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